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Design Inspiration from bavaria

Scliersee, Germany

To start with, a beautiful location right next to alps. We went there in the right time! Spring time. Here's my insight on the same, Bavarian houses exhibit a unique character that compliments the neighborhood’s style while exhibiting a look that is unique to itself. They use heavy timber accents and rough-sawn wood work, while the antique-white and dark-chocolate color scheme gave the house the Bavarian flavor. Incorporating curved roofs, walls, decks and railings, with traditional gable roof forms.

Here comes the topic of our interest, what we need to do to give your home a bavarian touch! From what I observed, Bavarian homes are filled with pieces of furniture made from solid wood and decorated with intricate scrollwork and hand-painted images. Select furnishing for your home that have details such as rolled edges, carved designs and claw feet. Choose sofas and chairs covered in velvet for your living room and stand-alone wardrobes for your bedrooms. Opt for a large curio cabinet in which you can display fine china, pewter plates or festive-looking beer steins. Search antique stores for the real deal, or purchase reproductions when they fit your budget better. Bavarian homes often have beautiful hardwood floors. It could get a little expensive for us to do the same given the indian prices. Place floral-patterned throw rugs in vibrant colors in strategic spots, or choose multicolored handwoven Kashmiri rugs secured with double-sided tape.

For windows, opt for sheer white curtains in a variety of patterns or fabric curtains edged in Bavarian lace needlepoint.Decorate the outside of your windows with colorful wooden shutters and window boxes overflowing with flowers.

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